Juventus had one primary goal heading into the season, win the Champions League. They have moved closer to achieving that goal by knocking out Barcelona. Juventus now join Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Monaco in the semifinals of the Champions League. Juventus won the first leg over Barcelona in Turin 3-0, so all they needed to do in the second leg was not concede 3 goals. As it turned out, Juventus did not concede any goals against the mighty Barcelona over the two legs. Juventus have only conceded two goals so far in this Champions League campaign, quite a feat. 

If you recall, Juventus lost to Barcelona two years ago in the Champions League final. Juve want to still reach their goal of winning the Champions League, but knocking out Barcelona had to give them a nice sense of revenge.

Coming into the game you knew Barcelona were going to attack, they had no choice but to do so. Juventus have no problem defending, that is what they are designed to do. The Bianconeri were able to create some early chances on the counter attack, mainly through Cuadrado and his pace. Barcelona created several chances, but could not break down the Juventus wall. Juve’s best players over the two legs were Paulo Dybala and Juan Cuadrado.The whole team deserves praise, particularly their defense.

After advancing in the Champions League Cuadrado said:

“It was a fantastic night. A few teams can say they came to the Camp Nou and shut out Barcelona.”

Bonucci was not afraid to express his confidence after knocking out Barcelona:

“Who would we like to face in the semifinals? You’re better off asking the other 3 sides, given they won’t want to [face] us.”

Juventus will now await Friday’s Champions League draw to find out who their next opponent will be. No matter who Juventus draw, they genuinely should feel they can go toe-to-toe with anyone in Europe. Juventus have proven their dominance domestically in Italy, now they want to conquer Europe. 

Worth noting: Juventus are positioning themselves to win the treble, something Inter did back in 2010.