Lorenzo Insigne is having one of his best seasons at Napoli and just signed a brand new contract with his hometown club. Insigne answered questions submitted by fans as part of a Twitter campaign Napoli ran called #AskLorenzo.

My best goal?

“I think it was the free-kick I scored against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. The most significant were the two I scored in the Coppa Italia final against Fiorentina because it helped us win.”

My passion other than football?

“My only dream has always been to play football. I never thought about anything other than football.”

My Serie A debut?

“It is a wonderful memory. I was able to realize my childhood dream. Playing at the San Paolo with the Napoli shirt is wonderful and I hope other young kids in Naples can live out their dreams.”

Why do i wear the number 24?

“My wife was born on September 24th. I am happy I was able to dedicate this to her as a sign of love.”

The three most significant games in my career?

“My debut at Parma, the win against Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia final, and the [Champions League game against Real Madrid] at the Bernabeu. I hope that there are many more to come.”

The city of Naples?

“Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Only those that live here know what it is like to be a Neapolitan.”

There is no denying Lorenzo Insigne’s love for the city of Naples and the team he plays for.