It seemed like the perfect marriage; Juventus and Dani Alves. Married for one year, and it seems like it is already heading for a divorce. Dani Alves left Barcelona last summer after many years and many trophies. The Brazilian sought out for a new challenge and decided Juventus was the right place for that. 

Dani Alves won the scudetto and Coppa Italia in his first season in Italy, and helped Juventus reach the Champions League final.  Dani Alves played a vital role in Juve’s success this season, especially down the stretch. He scored in the Coppa Italia final against Lazio and a few times in the knockout phase of the Champions League. Dani Alves seemed to be enjoying life in Italy and with his new teammates.

However, Dani Alves and his relationship with Juventus has taken a weird turn. Alves’ contract does not expire until June 2018, but the Brazilian is looking for Juve to terminate his contract. Dani Alves wants to be freed from his contract so he can sign with a new club on a free transfer. A reunion with Pep Guardiola seems to be on the horizon, as Manchester City are expected to be the club Dani Alves signs with.

In an interview last week, Dani Alves said, that in order for Paulo Dybala to reach his maximum potential, he would have to leave Juventus one day. Juve fans were a bit taken back by that quote, coming from one of their own. Then, Dani Alves posted a photo on Instagram of his cleats from the Champions League final back in 2015 when he and Barcelona beat Juventus. Seems like an odd thing to do considering he is still a Juventus player.

Juventus are targeting Bayern Munich’s Douglas Costa, who could be a replacement for Dani Alves. Costa, a Brazilian like Alves, would be a more long-term option.

Look, Dani Alves would likely have only spent one more season at Juventus and left when his contract expired. But, it is the way Dani Alves is going about things that has you scratching your head.