Soap operas. Usually filled with many twists and turns, surprises, drama, and moments that leave you wondering what is next. There is finally an ending to the Donnarumma-Milan soap opera. It took us a while to get to this point, but in the end, Gianluigi Donnarumma has renewed his contract with Milan until 2021. The 18-year old goalie will reportedly make €6 million per season, instantly making him one of Serie A’s highest paid players. Not bad for a teenager.

There were many twist and turns in this soap opera. Everyone expected that Donnarumma, a Milan fan growing up, would just renew with the club. It kept on getting delayed and delayed. Finally, Mino Raiola, Donnarumma’s agent, informed the Rossoneri that his client will not be renewing with the club. A shockwave was sent. Raiola said he did not like how Milan kept talking to the media about the pending contract renewal and that they gave Donnarumma no peace and quite. Why did Donnarumma not want to renew his contract with the club he grew up rooting for? Did he not believe in this new Milan ownership? Was this all being orchestrated by Mino Raiola and Donnarumma was the puppet?

Milan were now faced with two difficult decisions: 1) Who will replace Donnarumma in goal? 2) What do we do with Donnarumma, who still has 1 year left on his contract? Milan had pondered the likes of Mattia Perin, Neto, even Pepe Reina, but none could offer what Donnarumma does. It was unclear if Montella would play Donnarumma this upcoming season, or leave him to rot away on the bench all season. Milan also had the option to sell Donnarumma, at least cashing in a bit on his impending departure. Decisions, decisions.

Many Milan fans grew upset at Donnarumma and Mino Raiola. “Dollarumma” started to become a thing and fans felt he was leaving Milan to make more money at a club like Real Madrid. During one of Italy’s U-21 Euro games, fans threw a bunch of money at Donnarumma while standing in his goal. Donnarumma kind of smirked and didn’t have any reaction to it.

There was also the social media fiasco that ensued. Donnarumma tweeted a message showing his support for Mino Raiola. This was thought to be a dig against Milan. Mino Raiola sent out his own tweet that caused a fire storm.

Then there was the Instagram post by Donnarumma, stating that he was going to sit down and talk with Milan. Only to find out that Donnarumma said his Instagram account was hacked.

Former Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi got involved as well, cause what’s a soap opera with a little Berlusconi. The former Milan owner said that if he still owned the club, he would get Donnarumma to renew and this wouldn’t have been an issue. Thank you for that Silvio.

Once the U-21 Euros finished and everything settled down a bit, Milan and Donnarumma’s representatives met again and cleared the air. The willingness on Donnarumma’s part to renew was there, and of course Milan were receptive to it.

This soap opera ended with Milan keeping their star player and with Donnarumma getting paid nicely. We don’t know what type of ill feelings may still exist between the two sides and also with the fans. What we do know is this soap opera has ended, at least for now.