Antonio Cassano never fails to create headlines. Cassano signed with Verona back on July 10th, that created headlines. There was a buzz about Fantantonio back in Serie A. He was teaming up with Giampaolo Pazzini, a former teammate from back in his Sampdoria days. Pazzini and Cassano reunited, that created headlines.

Excitement was building to see Cassano play again, but that excitement quickly turned to confusion and disappointment. Just a week after signing with Verona, on July 18th, Cassano decided to retire. That created headlines. How could Cassano decide to retire just one week after signing with Verona and returning to football?

Fortunately, if you were one of those fans disappointed to hear about Fantantonio’s retirement, it only lasted about an hour. Yep, Cassano had a quick change of heart and decided not to retire. Of course, that created headlines.

A few days passed and Cassano managed not to create headlines. That lasted about 5 days. On July 24th, Antonio Cassano once again decided to retire and create more headlines. It was reported that Cassano did not feel “stimulated” at Verona. He eventually released a statement saying he’d rather spend more time with his family at this point of his life.

Antonio Cassano’s career had many ups and downs. A career that started in the south of Italy at Bari, with stops at Roma, Real Madrid, Sampdoria, Milan, and several other places. l Gioiello di Bari Vecchia got to play with some of the game’s best characters; Francesco Totti, Mario Balotelli, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David Beckham, and several others. When you think of Antonio Cassano, you can’t help but wonder what kind of career he could have had if he gave it his all. Cassano won one scudetto in his career (with Milan). His career included nearly 40 appearances with the Italian National Team.

To sum up, Antonio Cassano retired from football twice in a matter of a week. Only Fantantonio could manage to do that. Cassano creates headlines and something tells me he will keep doing just that; retired or not.